million tons of greenhouse gases
of renewable energy produced,
equivalent to the consumption
of 190 thousand families
in the carbon footprint of energy
production compared to 2015,
aiming at -22% by 2021

The commitment to reduce our customers' carbon footprint

We implemented many activities to help our customers reduce their emissions by using better tools to control their consumption or by implementing energy saving measures.

In 2017, we launched two innovative commercial offers and tools for our customers: Welcome Hera, Hera ContaWatt, Hera Led and Led Business. In addition, the energy management portal was launched for companies with electricity consumption of over 50 MWh and 10,000 SCM. All offers and tools are described in the case studies at the end of this chapter.

The Hera Group also, via its subsidiaries Hera Servizi Energia and Amga Calore Impianti works actively in energy efficiency improvement services, mainly addressing condominiums (who are offered a system that provides individual metering of the heat and energy service), to large industrial customers (for which it operates as an ESCO) and the public administration (heat management with renovation of thermal plants and buildings).

In particular, in the industrial cogeneration sector, Hera offers multi-year energy supply contracts through the development and management of electricity and thermal energy production plants dedicated to meeting all the energy needs of top customers (14 plants operated and over 14,000 tonnes of CO2 avoided in 2017).

In collaboration with external partners, the Hera team provides its own know-how to support energy diagnosis and implementation of measures. As reported in the third edition of our “Value to energy” report on energy efficiency, Hera has supported the creation of 447 projects (from 2007 to 2018) of which 130 at companies in the area it serves, that saved 52,509 toe, 740,000 toe equal to the annual electricity consumption of about 519,000 households and 1.7 million tonnes of CO2 avoided.

In 2016, 19% of the electricity sold by Hera Comm on the free market came from renewable sources, a significant reduction due to lower production due to different seasonal factors of electricity from hydroelectric sources, and for the remainder, mainly from natural gas and coal. In addition, more than 75,000 customers (8.7% of the total) have signed up for a free market offer called “Pacchetto natura” [Nature Package] which guarantees that the electricity consumed comes from renewable sources.

Composition of the electricity sold by Hera Comm (2016)