million tons of greenhouse gases
of renewable energy produced,
equivalent to the consumption
of 190 thousand families
in the carbon footprint of energy
production compared to 2015,
aiming at -22% by 2021

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Hera improves its position in the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)

Since 2006 the Hera Group has been a part of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), an independent not-for-profit organization that offers businesses and countries a way to measure, track, manage and globally share information about climate and water change.

This initiative, which currently holds the largest international database of information on climate change management policies, aims to raise awareness on the issues of greenhouse gas reduction, by analysing the risks and opportunities related to it. This awareness is increased by filling out a questionnaire to report and measure all the actions and initiatives carried out to reduce CO2 emissions.

In 2017, Hera’s questionnaire scored A- on an A-D scale, improving its position compared to the previous year.