million tons of greenhouse gases
of renewable energy produced,
equivalent to the consumption
of 190 thousand families
in the carbon footprint of energy
production compared to 2015,
aiming at -22% by 2021

Promotion of energy efficiency

“Welcome to Hera”: we offer you the initial consumption of electricity and gas

Welcome Hera is the electricity and gas offer launched in autumn 2017 that keeps the price of the energy component and the wholesale gas marketing fee fixed for 12 months. The offer also includes an initial bonus of 200 kWh of energy component at no cost and 100 SCM of gas marketing fee at no cost. Thanks to this offer, it is also possible to activate the Hera Fast Check Up services free of charge, which provide personalized advice for an increasingly efficient use of energy, and a consumption analysis, which monitors consumption over time in relation to weather, and compared to similar households, as well as access to the My Hera app.

“Hera ContaWatt”: keep your electricity consumption under control

Hera ContaWatt is an innovative solution that helps residential and business customers monitor their electricity consumption: the easy-to-install device connects to the electricity meter via a sensor and makes it possible, using a dedicated app, to check electricity consumption from smartphones, tablets or PCs. A summary with consumption details is also sent by email every week. The ContaWatt independently connects to a data transfer platform, can send real-time anomaly alerts in the app or via email and can be installed without the support of experienced personnel. This innovative tool has already attracted quite a bit of interest, so much so that in the last two months of 2017 alone over 400 units were sold.

“Hera LED and LED Business” support saving and environmental sustainability

“Hera LED” is an offer under which Hera Comm’s free market residential customers can buy one or two kits of light bulbs, choosing from a range of 6 models among the most used in homes, with a 30% discount on their market value. The highly successful initiative, with over 6,000 light bulb kits purchased by customers in 2017, has also been extended to business customers.

Hera Led Business offers the following benefits:

  • class A+ bulbs, to reduce electricity consumption;
  • quality products with low environmental impact and a 24-month warranty;
  • modular kits made up of 22 different models to choose from according to needs (shape, power, screw pitch and light colour);
  • optionally, payment in 24 instalments directly in the electricity bill.

“Energy management portal” to monitor corporate energy consumption

An energy management portal integrated into our on-line services was launched in 2017 for companies with electricity consumption of over 50 MWh and 10,000 SCM, to help them keep all their energy consumption under control.

The Portal allows customers to:

  • view the energy consumption of multiple sites, using pre-configured charts and tables that simply guide customers to understanding their energy needs;
  • be informed, through specific alerts, if their systems malfunction (e.g. consumption peaks);
  • identify any inefficiencies.

The “Hera District Heating” offer

In 2017, the Hera Group launched Hera Condominium District Heating, an offer for centrally managed condominiums, with a simpler price of heating and new services included, specifically designed for condominiums. The services included are:

  • Hera Led, which provides replacement of failed condominium bulbs with new LED bulbs, by a company specializing in services for condominiums;
  • Legal expenses insurance, provided by a leading insurance company, that covers the condominium as legal entity and the serving property manager, in case of a range of disputes and lawsuits, administrative and contractual litigation, including actions to recover condominium expenses from tenants in arrears;
  • Cleaning the heat exchanger also on the customer’s side and topping up the water in the customer’s internal circuit, which Hera undertakes to supply, upon appointment, to property managers who request it.

In addition, each property manager will be sent a periodic report containing a summary of the bills of all the condominiums it manages that use district heating and that have subscribed to the offer: a way to have the situation under control, and an additional tool to feed their management systems quickly and easily.

All the services described are included in the terms and conditions of the offer and, therefore, are free of charge for customers who subscribe to the Hera Condominium District Heating offer. The supply price has also been considerably simplified compared to the structure of Hera’s residential binomial tariff, since it is a “single” heating price, updated quarterly according to the trend of gas prices, but not broken down by “consumption brackets”. An annual payment called a “service fee”, that depends on the power level committed to by the customer and which includes the meter rental is added to this price and applied to the heating actually consumed. It is a very simple pricing structure, designed to be easier to understand and to read for the customer.

The offer is addressed to all centralized residential condominiums, which use heat for heating, domestic hot water, or both, and can be activated by both condominiums that currently have Hera’s “binomial” rate and by new customers.

The requalification of public lighting services

In 2017 work continued in the Municipality of Ceccano (FR), where about 2000 light points have already been renovated, out of the more than 3500 planned. The works to make the plants compliant and to ensure they are safe include, among other things, the replacement of sections of the electrical line, for a total of over 4 km. The traffic lights will also be equipped with LED lamps. Particular attention is paid to the old city centre, where the planned installation of artistic lanterns has been completed to further enhance this special part of town. We expect to complete the planned upgrades by early 2018.

We expected savings of over 70% compared to the initial state of the systems, which means about 290 toe years, and a reduction of about 625 tonnes/year of CO2 emissions.

In the Municipality of Cesena (FC), the requalification project concerns 4880 light points. The current annual consumption of the lamps is 2,350,000 kWh. In particular, all the vapour and mercury lighting fixtures and some high-pressure sodium lighting fixtures, which are no longer efficient in the lighting field, will be replaced by new LED lighting fixtures. Once the efficiency improvement works have been completed, the Municipality will be able to count on an average energy saving of 72% compared to the initial system, equivalent to 316 toe per year and a system that will avoid discharging into the atmosphere 682 tonnes of CO2/year.

In 2017 Hera Luce was also awarded a contract for the works to improve the energy efficiency of the systems of the municipalities of Pradalunga (BG) and Vejano (VT). We expect savings of 110 toe, reducing CO2 emissions by about 100 tonnes/year.

In 2017, energy retrofitting works were also carried out in over 20 municipalities in the areas served by AcegasApsAmga, which led to the replacement of 20,144 lighting fixtures. The savings on electricity consumption are equivalent to about 1,120 toe per year, and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 2,418 tonnes per year.

New heat management contract in Modena with energy efficiency objectives

The Contract entered into by the Hera Group and the Municipality of Modena is an important example of an Energy Performance Contract (EPC), awarded to the Group as a result of a European Public Tender, competing with some of the most important companies in the industry.

In particular, the Hera Group, which partnered in the tender with Sinergie Spa (now AcegasApsAmga Servizi Energetici) committed to provide to the Municipality significant results in terms of energy efficiency improvement, to be achieved through both management improvements and energy requalification measures.

In particular, Hera Group’s offer included a 18% reduction of thermal energy consumption compared to the past consumption (based on the average of the last 5 years) for the buildings included in the scope of the contract, and also was to improve this performance by a further 10% due to energy efficiency improvement measures, which will involve, in the first years of the contract, investments of Euro 7 million.

From the systems engineering point of view the most significant investments concern energy-saving measures for the thermal power plants, the installation of thermostatic valves on the radiators, the replacement of burners, the creation of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems, the renovation of lighting systems by installing LED lamps.

“Passive” measures to limit heat dispersion in buildings also play an important role, including the creation of vertical insulation in 12 buildings and the insulation of the roofs of 10 others.

Third edition of “Value to Energy”: all-round energy saving solutions

In 2017, we published the third edition of our “Value to Energy” report, dedicated to energy efficiency. The scope of the data it contains includes AcegasApsAmga and Marche Multiservizi. The third issue of Value to Energy reported information relating to energy management at Group level, highlighting the results achieved in terms of energy efficiency improvement, some of the most representative indicators of the field the in which the Group does business, and our current objectives and projects to reduce energy consumption.

In this edition of the report, the graphics have been completely revised to more clearly show the Group’s commitment to energy efficiency. This commitment includes 447 projects (from 2007 to 2018), 130 of which involved local companies with the support of the Hera Group, for a saving of 740,000 toe, equal to the annual energy consumption of approximately 519,000 households and 1.7 million tonnes of CO2 avoided.

The six paragraphs of the report contain information on energy management within the Group and the main projects implemented in that context.