people hired
thanks to the induced employment
generated by Hera in 2017
million euro
Investments in innovation and
digitalization. 13 projects in smart city,
circular economy and 4.0 utilities
of reused soil
in projects implemented in 2016
and 2017

Innovation is one of our Group’s 5 strategic cornerstones. The model we use is based on widespread innovation: each department is responsible for its own individual innovation initiatives, from the review of processes to the identification of new services, from instruments for improving efficiency to the launch of new operating models.

However, there are guidelines, factors and tools that enable the innovation process, such as information technology. This is why Hera has set up a specific Central Innovation Division, reporting to the Managing Director, with the goal of analysing the main market trends, identifying the areas of greatest interest, evaluating and proposing projects and solutions to individual departments, and supporting developments with Information and Communication Technology and tools.

The Central Innovation Division includes Information Systems, connectivity and telecommunications (through the subsidiary Acantho) and the Development Department, which identifies scenarios and possible action areas and proposes engineering and technology innovation projects.