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The tariffs for families facing financial and physical hardship

Social bonuses are aids that reduce the expense sustained by certain categories of residential customers, for the electricity and gas they use. Residential customers with an ISEE (Equivalent economic status indicator) under Euro 8107.5 can apply for the electricity bonus, and customers whose household includes a seriously ill person that relies on electrical medical devices can also apply for it (physical hardship). The bonuses are granted to families that support more than three children if their ISEE indicator is under Euro 20,000, as decided by the Italian Government and set out by Interministerial Decree 28/12/2007. For families facing financial hardship, the electricity bonus provides annual savings ranging from Euro 80 to 153, while for families facing physical hardship, the electricity bonus provides annual savings of Euro 175 to 628. The amounts of the gas bonuses are determined each year by the Regulatory Authority, and depend on the climate areas. They provide savings ranging from Euro 31 to 274. Bonuses can be requested by all residential customers who use natural gas on their own contracts or within a condominium.

Gas and electricity bonuses issued
2015 2016 2017
Number of bonuses issued 55,484 54,942 57,702
Value of bonuses issued (thousands of Euro) 5,735 4,995 5,255

In 2017, gas and electricity bonuses issued to Hera Group customers amounted to 57,702 (+5.2% compared to 2016) for a total of over Euro 5 million. As regards Hera Comm, 49,627 disbursements were made for a total of approximately Euro 4.5 million (+6.3% compared to 2016).

As regards water services, in some of the areas served by the Group, the local regulatory authorities have set tariff concessions for large families. In 2017, Hera SpA granted 553 tariff concessions to large families in the Bologna (only in municipalities where the per capita tariff is not applied), Ferrara, Ravenna and Rimini areas. As regards AcegasApsAmga, in 2017, 171 tariff concessions were granted to large families in the Padua area.

In addition, in the area served by Hera SpA, in 2014 Atersir approved the “Regulation for the allocation of tariff benefits for vulnerable users of the integrated water service”, and extended it to 2017 (resolution 40 of 26 July 2016). It sets out how to calculate and provide financial aid to help customers facing financial hardship pay their bills for the integrated water service. During 2017, tariff concessions were granted for Euro 2.3 million.

Regarding waste management services, parties experiencing serious social/assistance hardship may be totally or partially exempt from paying the TARI waste tax. The municipalities allocate the funds for these tariff concessions according to the income of the applicants. Furthermore, in some areas, discounts apply to individuals living alone, that are affected by over 60% of permanent invalidity. TARI reductions are available for residents experiencing social/assistance hardship for the areas served by AcegasApsAmga and Marche Multiservizi, and they are governed by the individual municipalities in those areas.