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Investments in innovation and
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Sustainability among the "new skills" of young people: Hera Group’s contribution

For years the Hera Group has been promoting many environmental education projects, in all the areas, in order to raise awareness in schools on issues related to services and to take part in the disclosure processes, making available a variety of company skills.

The “La Grande Macchina del Mondo” project closed the 2016-2017 school year with very successful results that confirm how attentive and interested the school world, from kindergartens to secondary schools, is in the free educational programme that Hera offers throughout the served territory.

The results of the 2016-2017 school year were positive both for the number of students admitted and for the requests met. In Emilia Romagna, the part of the project dedicated to the groups from 4 to 13 years of age showed a higher participation by about 2,000 units compared to last year (about 65,000 children in compulsory school levels). The teaching section for higher education institutions “Let’s Go. The paths of science“, involved almost 20,000 students compared to 17,000 the previous year.

Among the projects of the past school year are also the projects “Pozzo di Scienza” (Science well), “Society 4.0.” and “Digital Future and Revolution“, of extreme topical interest for high schools.

For the 2017-2018 school year, we plan to organize projects on the environmental issues of Hera’s core business, with an important part dedicated to how the circular economy guides the economic and environmental processes that underlie the strategies of Hera Group and not only.

Environmental education projects
No. 2015 2016 2017
Schools involved 1,181 1,243 1,213
Participating students 78,127 96,034 99,482
Teachers involved 6,098 7,700 8,169

In 2017, the total number of students participating in the initiatives rose further (+3.6% compared to 2016), as did the number of teachers involved (+6.1% compared to 2016) while the number of schools involved is slightly down (-2.4% compared to 2016).

In line with the guidelines of the Hera Group, the intense activity of free educational proposals to schools continued throughout the AcegasApsAmga territory through “La Grande Macchina del mondo” (The Great Engine of the World) and “Un pozzo di scienza” (Science Well) programmes. The number of schools involved remained substantially unchanged (280 compared to 285 in 2016), with a rebalancing of the number of interventions between the territories of Padua and Trieste. The slight decrease in the number of students involved, from 15,039 to 13,930, is mainly due to the didactic choices made by each class.

In the case of Marche Multiservizi, 14 schools, 589 students and 49 teachers were involved.