people hired
thanks to the induced employment
generated by Hera in 2017
million euro
Investments in innovation and
digitalization. 13 projects in smart city,
circular economy and 4.0 utilities
of reused soil
in projects implemented in 2016
and 2017

Hera for electric transportation

In the area of electric transportation, Hera Group’s first fast charge charging station was inaugurated in Udine in November 2017. It offers 4 charging technologies (2 in direct current and 2 in alternating current) with different charging speeds. This station is part of a real ”regional network” of Friuli Venezia-Giulia that includes the 10 “traditional” recharging stations already installed in Trieste and the latest one installed in October in Gorizia. Hera Group has also developed a public recharging network in collaboration with Enel. Overall, the Hera Group in 2017 has 49 recharging stations in the local areas where manage the electricity distribution network, of which 35 are public and 14 private. During the year, 7,603 recharges were carried out (+65% compared to 2016), with approximately 50,837 kWh of energy supplied (20 thousand kWh more than the previous year), for a total of 41.6 tonnes of CO2 avoided.

In addition, the Group is extending the commercial offer aimed at encouraging electric transportation, called “I drive electrically“. For residential customers, there is a “flat”, all inclusive, package, which allows customers to use a card to recharge their electric car without limits, at all compatible public charge stations, while for business customers there is no limit to the number of charges, but the offer is consumption-based.

Infrastructure developments accompany the constant growth of contracts, which total 88 in 2017 and are expected to accelerate significantly in the coming years, driven by stricter regulatory constraints on CO₂ emissions from transport and the resulting evolution of the vehicle market.

In order to support and anticipate this change, in 2017 the institutional promotion of electric transportation continued, which, thanks to Hera’s contribution, led to some of the major Italian municipalities signing the Metropolitan Charter on Electromobility, a document in which those municipalities undertake to gradually implement the guidelines and actions it envisages, to participate in sharing common methods and languages to promote sustainable transportation and to involve the State and the Regions in the development of a comprehensive plan of support actions.