people hired
thanks to the induced employment
generated by Hera in 2017
million euro
Investments in innovation and
digitalization. 13 projects in smart city,
circular economy and 4.0 utilities
of reused soil
in projects implemented in 2016
and 2017

The term cogeneration identifies the combined production of electricity and thermal energy starting from a single source, whether fossil fuel or renewable, implemented in a single integrated system. This is done in specially-designed thermoelectric power plants, which recover heat from the flue gas produced by an engine powered by any fuel: thus, obtaining a significant energy savings (about 40%) compared to separate electricity and thermal energy production.

Thanks to their connection with district heating networks, Hera Group’s cogeneration plants help improve the air quality of the towns where they are located: thanks to them many boilers have been replaced with modern, efficient systems to heat and supply hot water to buildings. With district heating, systems are monitored continuously, both in terms of combustion processes and atmospheric emissions.

Hera Spa operates 12 cogeneration plants for an overall nominal electric capacity of 107.80 MW which in 2017 produced 198,635 MWh of thermal energy for district heating in all areas, up 5.1% compared to 2016.