separate waste collection
in an area with 3.3 million
of recovered waste
the share of separate waste
collected, in favour of a circular
tons of recycled plastic
produced by Aliplast

The Aliplast Group, that Herambiente acquired in 2016, has 9 plants. The 4 foreign plants located in Spain, Poland and France, and the 2 Italian plants, Cerplast and Variplast, are engaged in the selection and procurement of plastic. The Aliplast and Alimpet plants transform waste plastic into finished products, while the Umbro Plast plant produces finished products from semi-finished plastic products.

The plants treat waste from urban separate waste collection and from special collection of shavings, scrap and plastic packaging waste. The Aliplast Group recovers a significant portion of the incoming waste and only a small percentage is discarded because it is made up of non-recyclable polymers or because of weight losses due to the presence of liquids. The 2016-17 trend of incoming waste is slightly increasing (from approximately 108,000 to 109,000 tonnes), this waste has been transformed into new products or transferred to third party companies operating in the recycling sector.

Percentage of waste sent for recovery of material and energy
% 2016 2017
Processing plants (Aliplast, Alimpet and Umbro Plast) 91.9% 92.4%
Selection plants (Cerplast, Variplast, Aliplast Polska, Aliplast Iberia and Aliplast France) 96.2% 96.4%
Total 93.5% 93.9%
Of which material recovery 93.5% 93.9%
Of which energy recovery 0% 0%