separate waste collection
in an area with 3.3 million
of recovered waste
the share of separate waste
collected, in favour of a circular
tons of recycled plastic
produced by Aliplast

Hera operates 16 small or medium-capacity constructed wetlands, located in the provinces of Bologna, Ferrara, Florence, Forlì-Cesena, Rimini and Ravenna: some are secondary biological treatment plants downstream of primary sedimentation while others are tertiary treatments used for final refinement of the wastewater before its final discharge.

Constructed wetlands are a natural process used to treat polluted water based on the capability of soil and vegetation to remove pollutants. They are designed as a system of biological ponds and of planted macrophyte vegetation.

This kind of treatment also contributes to the reclamation of borderline areas, creating natural environments and landscapes that are pleasing to the eye, and often chosen as refuges for various species of birds, amphibians and reptiles. In these areas it is therefore also possible to organize education tours to observe specific animal and plant species typical of wetlands.