Structure of the document

The Hera Group introduced a new strategic approach to CSR and sustainability based on the theory of Shared Value (CSV, “Creating Shared Value”), which highlights how a company can enhance its business while generating at the same time a positive impact on society. For this reason, the 2017 sustainability report has adopted a new content structure which is focused on this approach.

In addition to quantifying shared value EBITDA, introduced for the first time in the 2016 sustainability report and whose calculation criteria were further improved during 2017, the report also focuses on the activities, results, case studies and investments related to shared value.

The CSV approach was defined starting from the analysis of the global and local scenario, which led to identifying 3 drivers and 9 impact areas of interest for the Hera Group. Each driver was associated with the main Sustainable Development Goals, which the Group intends responding to.

The report is divided into 3 main sections: Sustainability, strategy and shared value – Shared value – The bases and the organisational levers

The “Sustainability, Strategy and Shared Value” section contains the letter to the stakeholders (A year of sustainable development), the introduction (About us) and references with regard to sustainability management and shared value (Sustainability for the Hera Group – Shared value).

The “Shared value” section contains for each defined impact area, the present and future scenario (status indicators, policies and targets) and the Group’s responses: improvement objectives, performance indicators and case studies.

The “bases and the organisational levers” section contains all relevant corporate social responsibility aspects which were not included in the shared value section (Governance and creation of value – Service quality, cost and safety for customers – People – Suppliers). These must be considered as the basis for generating shared value and, at the same time, as organisational levers through which value be increased over time.