Reporting actions

In addition to the previously listed guidelines, the report was drawn up in compliance with a specific Group internal procedure issued in 2012 and updated in 2015 which describes the activities required for planning, achieving, approving, disclosing and presenting the report and the associated roles and responsibilities.

The social and environmental sustainability objectives set out in this report were defined with reference to the planning and control instruments used by the Group: Business Plan 2017-2021, budget 2018 and balanced scorecard 2018. These interconnected instruments contain sustainability objectives which have an impact on stakeholders. In particular, the Business Plan includes sustainability-related indicators for which quantitative targets have been defined. The collection and consolidation of the information and data detailed in the report were performed through forms, in which the technical indications used to detect the indicators were defined.

Any changes in calculations compared to previous years are suitably indicated in a note within the text.