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Strategic priorities

The Hera Groupís strategic priorities regarding social responsibility and sustainability are verified and defined annually during preparation of the industrial plan which is then approved by the Board of Directors in July every year.

Aspects of social and environmental sustainability are therefore integrated in the industrial plan and the strategy of the Hera Group and are reported annually in the Sustainability Report which also outlines, in a manner wholly consistent with the industrial plan, the main objectives and commitments for the future for the different stakeholders.

The strategy regarding social responsibility and sustainability is referred to in the Mission and Code of Ethics. The definition of the priorities takes into account numerous activities involving listening to stakeholders by balancing contrasting interests.

Our priorities as regards CSR and sustainability are divided into five areas. Each individual area contains specific objectives and case studies.


Strategic priorities: Improving the enviroment, Guaranteeing quality and safety , Listening to improve/be transparent, Engaging and motivating workers, Having partner suppliers for sustainable growthImproving the environment Listening to improve/be transparent Improving the enviroment Having partner suppliers for sustainable growth Guaranteeing quality and safety

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Integration of sustainability in the Hera Groupís strategy

The business plan is divided into five drivers: growth, excellence, efficiency, innovation and agility. Sustainability, in its various spheres, is cross-cutting through the four lines and has been a key priority for the Group ever since its establishment. Its integration in the business activities is implemented through:

  • strong attention to systems of values, at the basis of activities: in 2016, the third updating of the Code of Ethics was carried out by using a participatory process, which ended on February 14, 2017 with the approval of the new edition of the Code by the Board of Directors;
  • continuous improvement of the Groupís accountability profile, as witnessed by the report and by the vertical theme reports which explain in detail what we do and how we do it with regard to particularly sensitive issues;
  • a balanced scorecard system associated with a bonus system involving all management and in which sustainability objectives account averagely for 25% of variable remuneration in 2017;
  • strengthening of the governance system and management of business risks, according to a renewed integrated system for enterprise risk management, managed with a view to maintaining operations and to ensuring safety.

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