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Global agenda: goals of interest to Hera

In 2016, we embarked on a process to analyse the “Global Agenda” and the needs for change that are outlined in it, which represent the “calls to action” for a company like Hera. Understanding and sharing this scenario is essential to further improve - today and in years to come - the way we report the sustainability results achieved. At the same time, it is also an opportunity to steer strategy and operational processes in order to address change and meet the needs and expectations of both the market and society, thus enhancing competitiveness.

The process started by analysing European, national and local policies and ended by identifying Hera’s Drivers of Change and Impact Areas, while keeping in mind its spheres of competence.


Calls to action”: The Drivers of Change, the Impact Areas and the 2030 UN Agenda goals of interest to Hera


The three Drivers of Change and Impact Areas were linked to the ten 2030 UN Agenda goals for sustainable development that Hera identified as priorities in relation to the businesses managed and which include the 56 “We shall ...” (objectives for the future) detailed in the sustainability report.


Page updated 17 July 2017

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