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3 impact areas

Energia rinnovabilePromotion of energy efficiency

Energia rinnovabilePromotion of renewable energy sourcesLotta al cambiamento climaticoReduction of greenhouse gas emissions
Promotion of energy efficiency at a cross-sector level and achievement of European objectives by 2030, by updating energy systems, promoting innovative solutions that also benefit companies and monitoring existing projects. Involvement of consumers through better understanding, information exchange and market transformation on energy efficiencyIncrease in the production of energy from renewable sources and in the share of Italian consumption of energy from renewable sources. Use of local sources in compliance with current EU regulations and use of technologies with more significant impact on the economics sector at Italian level. Development of currently mature technologies and promotion of research and innovationPromotion of initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across sectors, by developing joint strategies at several levels of governance and creating sustainable and repeatable solutions aimed at limiting the negative impacts of global warming


Hera Group has defined specific short and medium-term objectives for each impact area of the smart use of energy driver, on the basis of an analysis of the Italian and global scenario. We check and redefine these objectives yearly.

In total, the EBITDA for CSV related to the "Smart Use of Energy" driver was 64.4 million euro, amounting to 20% of the overall EBITDA for CSV.

75% of this share of the EBITDA comes from initiatives aimed at the promotion of energy efficiency, by developing commercial offers for the Group's customers and reducing internal energy consumption, paying special attention to the water service, to public lighting and to district heating. The remaining share is linked to the promotion of renewable energy sources, both by providing ad hoc commercial offers and by producing energy from renewable sources. The share of EBITDA for CSV related to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions was for the entire "Energy" driver, i.e. the sum of promotion of renewable energy sources and promotion of energy efficiency.


Page update 17 September 2018

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