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Emilia-Romagna Region, Hera and Last Minute Market together against the waste of drugs

Too many unexpired medicines and in whole packs end up in the wastebasket, resulting in health and disposal costs. It is possible to recover and hand them over to those in charge of people in difficulty. From these premises and with this objective comes the Protocol of intent on the recovery of donated drugs, approved in the last session of the Council, and signed by the Emilia-Romagna Region (Department for Health Policies), Hera and Last Minute Market, in order to promote good practices on medicines throughout Emilia-Romagna, encouraging the recovery of unused medicines, limiting negative impacts on the environment, reducing the amount of waste that requires particular management systems. At the same time, the signatories aim to support the Third Sector projects aimed at waste prevention, to enhance the results and to promote the activation of new ones; but also to organize initiatives to sensitize public administrations and citizens.

This is a good practice that has long been applied by Hera. Thanks to the Farmacoamico project, active since 2012, about 53,000 packs of unexpired medicines have been reused over the last year for a total of Euro 670,000.

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