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New campaigns for the separate collection of organic and plastic waste launched

Today, the European Community and the Regional Waste Management Plan invite us to adopt a new approach to the old concepts of consumption and waste in order to limit the use of non-renewable resources and introduce a new, more virtuous model that is less consumer-driven. It is therefore essential that the entire community works together to achieve the increasingly important goals of separate waste collection and the safeguarding of our environment.

With this in mind, Hera has just launched two communication campaigns to raise public awareness of the importance of correctly disposing of organic and plastic waste.

On one hand, organic waste, collected separately and subjected to special processing, can be transformed into compost, which is a kind of soil very useful in agriculture and gardening. Some plants are also able to recover energy from the entire composting process. On the other hand, plastic is one of the materials we use most on a daily basis and huge quantities of oil are required to make it. Thanks to separate waste collection and new technologies, plastic packaging can be recovered, with important savings generated in terms of raw materials. For this reason, the straightforward yet important goal of the new communication campaign dedicated to this material is to clarify one essential point: that only containers and packaging (cups, food trays, wrapping, bottles, boxes and tubs, disposable plates etc.) that have been emptied and washed can be disposed of in the bins for plastic waste. This guarantees the quality of the collection process and, most importantly, that the plastic collected is suitable for recycling. If you still have any doubts there is always Il Rifiutologo (the ‘Wasteologist’), Hera’s well-known free app that associates every material with its corresponding method of disposal, which is also able to recognise the barcodes on the packaging of the most popular consumer products.

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