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SA 8000 Management System

SA 8000 is an international standard that encourages organisations to develop, maintain and apply socially acceptable corporate practices in the workplace and for suppliers. It deals with subjects such as, for example, ensuring there is no discrimination, compliance with working hours in line with the regulations in force and employment agreements and guaranteeing fair pay.

SA 8000 is helpful:

  • for workers, because it guarantees that their rights are recognised and respected;
  • for citizens, because they can get to know Hera's social conduct;
  • for Hera, because it can gain a competitive advantage resulting from the attention it pays to its employees and suppliers.

The implementation and monitoring instruments: workers and suppliers

The main elements for maintaining and improving the quality of employment within the company and in the supply chain are:

  • Raising the awareness of in-house personnel and training them. The personnel managers and SA 8000 management system representatives took part in specific training initiatives. Specific training was given to employees who deal with the main suppliers.
  • Monitoring suppliers. The purpose is to develop behaviour that is consistent with the requirements of SA 8000 in all companies that work for Hera and it consists of the implementation of documentary inspections and operational checks.
  • Reporting critical situations. Hera has established new communication channels to receive reports about any violations to SA 8000 requirements. The main channel is for SA 8000 worker representatives, eleven employees who collect reports and suggestions and bring them to the attention of Management.
  • The Sustainability Report is the external means of communication and support for involving parties concerned under the standard. The Report contains information regarding the integration of SA 8000 certification in the strategic objectives, the initiatives for involving stakeholders, the working conditions of Hera personnel, described in its various aspects in the section "Employees" in the Report, the supplier monitoring plan, the value of supplies from suppliers with SA 8000 certification.

Page updated 17 July 2017

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