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Ethical Indexes

Hera stock is listed in the ethical indexes: Ftse Ecpi Italia Sri Benchmark, Ftse Ecpi Italia Sri Leaders, Kempen Sns Smaller Europe Sri Index, Axia Ethical, Standard Ethics Italian Index and Thomson Reuters Diversity and Inclusion Index. They include securities of excellent companies from the standpoint of the business sustainability in order to facilitate the investment choices of socially responsible funds (Sri). The organisation of these indexes considers that the companies with sustainable management, from an environmental standpoint, as well as with regard to the dealings with the stakeholders and the corporate governance, obtain significantly higher results than their competitors over the long-term.

  • The Investor Relations section includes all SRI presentations, which explain the sustainability profile of the Hera Group.

  • The Group also aims to demonstrate that it is as transparent as possible by offering the possibility of analysing Hera evaluations and reports that have been prepared by independent agencies and focus on sustainability topics.

Page updated 17 July 2017

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Un'Hera che scorre da 15 anni
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Responsible services