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Sustainability has always played a key role in Hera’s strategy ever since its establishment. The approach adopted by the Group is based on integrating sustainability in its planning and control systems and, therefore, in the management of its business activities. This aspect has been effectively implemented through a balanced scorecard system involving all the company management and with our constant commitment to stakeholder reporting.

The Company’s mission and values have merged into the Code of Ethics, which is updated every three years with the involvement of employees, forming the basis of corporate conduct and serving as a point of reference for all the people working in the Group. These values represent the strategic and cultural focus with which to draw up the Business Plan every year and report the results to stakeholders transparently, as confirmed by the sustainability report.

The Business Plan of the Hera Group in the period 2017-2021 projects economic growth results achieved with a strong and constant attention to the respect of the logic of economic, financial, environmental and social sustainability.

In the two-year period 2016-2017 the new shared value approach was defined with the aim of further integrating sustainability into business activities and directing both the strategy and sustainability reporting to the urgencies dictated by the 2030 Global Agenda on Sustainable Development. In fact, for Hera the creation of shared value takes place through all those business activities that generate operating margins and that respond to the drivers of the global agenda, that is those "call to action" to change for the areas of competence indicated by the policiesat the global, European, national and local levels.

Hera adopted that approach in the 2017 Sustainability Report in order to respond more effectively to local stakeholders' needs and to make more tangible the created value for the territory.

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