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Corporate social responsibility online: Hera takes fourth place in Italy

Corporate social responsibility online: Hera takes second place in Italy

Hera wins acknowledgement for its ability to communicate CSR contents in an integrated manner on the corporate website and for the distinctiveness and immediacy of its videos and infographics.

Once again, Hera has been recognised as one of the leading companies in Italy in terms of the online communication of its commitment to sustainability and stakeholder engagement. These were the findings of the prestigious rankings put together by Lundquist (www.lundquist.it), which every year assesses how companies use the digital channels (website and social media) to inform and involve their stakeholders as regards corporate social responsibility. For the 7th edition of the Lundquist CSR Online

Awards, the research considered 254 European companies, 100 of which Italian (80 listed and 20 major unlisted companies).

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