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Strategy and Business plan

The new business plan of Hera is aiming at creating value for all our stakeholders, through a growth strategy focused on internal and external lines, with an Ebitda going up from 884 million euro in 2015 to 1.080 million in 2020. Strategy is in line with the previous experience and relies on the main strength points and targets achieved by the Group, as they have shown to lead to extremely positive results even in a still troubled macroeconomic scenario at an international level. Growth is pursued taking into account environmental, social and economic sustainability, with long terms goals.

Strategic focusInternal Growth M/A Risk Analysis Financial targets

DPS growth expected, up to 10 euro cents in 2020.


A growth strategy combining low-risk activities with free competition, underpinned by a continuous search for efficiency in the three core business areas: waste services, energy and networks. The Company shows its capability to keep a balanced portfolio, made up of low risk regulated activities and profitable liberalized ones, with a further expansion potentials. 

That creates a successful business model, which has inspired other utility companies in Italy and abroad. See below a short representation of the Group strategies. Hera, since its establishment, more than doubled its size and its business results, maintaining a conservative risk profile and a good financial strength.

Le 4 priorità strategiche ECCELLENZA: dal concetto relativo di migliore verso quello assoluto di eccellenza CRESCITA: in un mercato complesso e competitivo chi non cresce è destinato ad arretrare EFFICIENZA: il minor costo unitario dei fattori produttivi, ottimizzando/semplificando le attività e le risorse impiegate INNOVAZIONE: fondamentale per perseguire crescita, efficienza ed eccellenza OBIETTIVO: Confermare il percorso di crescita rispettando la sostenibilità economico-finanziaria

4 strategic prioritiesgare gas, investimenti di sviluppo Big data manutenzione predittiva, efficienza energetica, work force management miglioramento piattaforme IT, contatori intelligenti superare gli standard, di qualità sviluppo di capacitò aggiuntiva, gare raccolta rifiuti ottimizzazione impianti e flotta, riduzione costi fornitura, work force management recupero energetico, raccolta rifiuti intelligente incrementare raccolta differenziata, leadership a livello nazionale cross selling, espansione commerciale riduzione cost to serve, ottimizzazione cost to acquire analisi big data CRM, mobilità elettrica rafforzare la soddisfazione dei clienti

Growth, creation of shared value, circular economy

Hera's strategic goal is to continue growing and creating shared value, in particular carrying out the projects launched in 2016 and starting new ones inspired by the circular economy. In October 2017, the Group joined Ellen MacArthur Foundation CE100 program, to promote ideas, activities and business models based on circular economy principles and intends to intensify its collaboration with the MacArthur Foundation in order to follow and contribute to the best international practice in this field.

Hera's Chief Executive Officer, Stefano Venier, met Ellen MacArthur to discuss the current situation and future perspectives.

The 2016-2020 business plan

Ebitda growth preview (+4.1% CAGR) envisaged in the business plan to 2020is, as usual,  underpinned by "the 2 pillars" of Hera business model that have supported growth track record since the establishment of the Group: the "internal" (such as synergies e organic growth) and the "external growth":

EBITDA growth business plan to 2020


Page updated 14 July 2017

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