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Communication of the total amount of voting rights

Hera S.p.A. hereby communicates that on 1 June 2017 the increase in voting rights concerning 811,427,523 ordinary HERA S.p.A. shares came into effect, pursuant to article 127-quinquies of the t.u.f. and applying that which is foreseen by the articles of association.

The table below provides data on the shares in circulation and the number of voting rights that make up the share capital.

 Updated situationPrevious situation
 Number of shares that make up the Share capitalNumber of voting rightsNumber of shares that make up the Share capitalNumber of voting rights
Total of which:1,489,538,7452,300,966,2681,489,538,7451,489,538,745
Ordinary shares (regular enjoyment: 01.01.2017) – ISIN code IT0001250932
Current coupon: n. 16
Ordinary shares with increased voting rights (regular enjoyment: 01.01.2017) – ISIN code IT0005159972
Current coupon: n. 16


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