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Hera share coverage is one of the widest for the sector in Italy, owning to the following national and international independent institutes covering it. Hera analyst coverage and updated consensus target price.

Banca AkrosEmanuele Oggioniemanuele.oggioni@bancaakros.it
EquitaRoberto Letiziar.letizia@equitasim.it
FidentiisDario Michidm@fidentiis.com
Banca IMIRoberto Ranieriroberto.ranieri@intesasanpaolo.com
IntermonteFederico Pezzettifederico.pezzetti@intermonte.it
KeplerCheuvreuxClaudia Introvignecintrovigne@keplercheuvreux.com
MainFirstEnrico Bartolienrico.bartoli@mainfirst.com
MediobancaJavier Suarezjavier.suarez@mediobanca.com

In order to analyze monthly changes on Hera consensus, the estimates on economic results and compare the stock price to the analysts’ target price and rating, the following tool is available:

Analysts kit


Page updated 27 March 2019

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