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Results and Presentations

Financial glossary

Highlight of meaning and content of the "alternative performance indicators", not envisaged by the IAS / IFRS , as adopted in press releases and quarterly reports, in order to facilitate the assessment of the economic and financial management of the Group
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Financial results as at 30 March 2019

The report as of March 31, 2019 is in continuity with the uninterrupted progress that the Group has achieved during its 16 years of activity.

All key figures show a growth: Net Profit increases by + 3,1% and EBITDA at 330,8 million euro posted a + 2.5%

Economic data (32 kb - XLS)


Economic data (mln €)1Q 2019Inc. %1Q 2018Inc. %Ch. % 18-19
Revenues         1,940.4100.0%         1,741.3100.0%+11.4%
Pre tax profit183.99.5%180.110.3%+2.1%
Net profit129.76.7%125.97.2%+3.0%
Shareholders of Parent Company124.26.4%120.56.9%+3.1%
Minority shareholders5.50.3%5.40.3%+1.9%

Page updated 15 May 2019

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