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Results and Presentations

Financial glossary

Highlight of meaning and content of the "alternative performance indicators", not envisaged by the IAS / IFRS , as adopted in press releases and quarterly reports, in order to facilitate the assessment of the economic and financial management of the Group
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Financial results as at 30 September 2018

Results are still growing in Q3 18, net profit up by +14.2%.

Economic data (mln €)9M 2018Inc. %9M 2017Inc. %Change % 17-18
Pre tax profit311.07.4%283.46.5%+9.7%
Net profit220.86.7%192.84.4%+14.5%
Shareholders of Parent Company208.84.5%182.94.2%+14.2%
Minority shareholders12.00.3%9.90.2%+20.7%


Page updated 8 November 2018

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