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Statements of financial position

Balance sheet as at 31/12/14 (mln€)201520142013
Tangible fixed assets2,032.02,067.4 2,108.0
Intangible fixed assets2,896.02,797.02,530.0
Goodwill consolidation diff.378.0378.6378.6
Financial assets125.083.652.6
Deferred tax assets73.068.179.3
Long term assets5,769.05,650.75,356.2
Commercial receivables1,533.01,463.61,357.2
Financial assets35.045.284.9
Receivables for current taxes29.032.229.1
Other current assets226.0262.0231.2
Cash and equivalents541.0834.5926.9
Current assets2,487.02,781.52,741.0
Non current assets held for sale0,00,63.3
Total assets8,256.08,432.7 8,100.6
Equity and reserves   
Equity  1,474.01,469.91,410.4
Net profit of the period180.0164.8164.9
Net Group equity2,358.02,310.92,106.4
Total Net Equity2,503.02,459.02,305.7
Loan - due after 12 months2,944.03,120.73,282.9 
Severance indemnity148.0163.0 144.9
Risk provision365.0336.5 314.9
Deferred tax liabilities24.015.1 4.7
Derivatives34.038.4 30.3
Non current liabilities3,515.03,673.6 3,777.8
Banks - due within 12 months484.0550.8363.8 
Commercial debts1,121.01,193.61,167.9
Debts for current taxes26.030.25.9
Other current liabilities585.0493.6464.0
Current liabilities2,238.02,300.12,017.0
Total liabilities5,753.05,973.75,794.9
Net equity and liabilities8,256.08,432.78,100.6

Page updated 22 March 2016

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