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Eurobond 2009-2019

The bond issue optimises the Company debt structure and lengthens its average maturity. The oversubscription of the order book and the warm welcome received by Hera show how institutional investors endorsed the industrial and financial strategy of the Company and prove how the Eurobond market represents for Hera a stable source for medium term capital.

Issuer  Hera S.P.A. Market Price  117.1990%
ISIN code  XS0471071133 Change %  -0.0171%
Issue Price  99.283% Coupon Date  03-12
Issued ammount (€)  500 mln Maturity Date  03/12/2019
Annual Coupon  4.5% Interest Accrue Date  03/12/2009
Type  Straight Yield to maturity  .0992
Source  ICMA Update time  21/04/2015

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* Data source: HERA SPA
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