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  • Variable Rate (Energy glossary)

    Part of the gas price of reference applied to the amount of gas consumed and supplied by the distributor for every thermal year, and which is subject to the approval of the Authority for Electrical Energy and Gas. The amount applied decreases as consumption rises by batches.

  • Vegetable fibres (Environment Glossary)

    Lengthened cells that provide support in wood.

  • Vegetable oils (Environment Glossary)

    Oils obtained from seeds or plants for food, medicinal or industrial uses.

  • Vegetable waste (Environment Glossary)

    Waste made up of vegetable substances (branches, leaves, etc.)

  • Voltage (high, extra-high, medium, low): (Energy glossary)
    • Extra-high: rated voltage greater than 150 kV.
    • High: rated voltage between 35 and 150 kV.
    • Medium: rated voltage between 1 and 35 kV.
    • Low: rated voltage lower than 1 kV.
2018 Economic results - Comments of the President
2018 Economic results - Comments of the President
2017 SR: Shared value
Valore condiviso al centro del bilancio di sostenibilità 2017
Sustainability in Hera Group
Sustainability in Hera Group