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Words to understand

  • The shareholders’ meeting is the body that passes resolutions for joint-stock companies. The shareholders’ meeting has such important tasks as approving the financial statements and the appointment of the board of directors. Basically the shareholders’ meeting represents ownership claims, i.e. the company’s shareholders.

  • Corporate governance is the set of company tools, rules, relations, processes and systems designed for the fair and efficient management of the enterprise, meant as a compensation system among the potentially divergent interests of the minority shareholders, the controlling shareholders, and the directors of a company.

  • The CONSOB regulates, authorises, monitors, and controls Italian financial markets with the aim of protecting investors and ensuring the efficiency, transparency and development of the securities market.

  • Mergers are one of the main ways of concentrating businesses. There are two types of merger.

  • The term “company boards” refers to the bodies within a company responsible for direction, management, and control.

  • The business plan (or strategic plan) is the document that methodically illustrates the company’s strategic direction, its main operating and financial targets, the actions it will take to achieve those objectives, the new initiatives and investments planned, and their impact on the company’s performance.

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