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Internal Auditing Department

The Internal Auditing Department is an INDEPENDENT body that answers to the Group’s Vice Chairman and manages tasks, as complex as they are necessary, involving verification and control. In particular, it is responsible for:

  • helping the company pursue its objectives by relying on its own systematic and professional approach, supported by independent and objective work in assurance and consultancy, aimed at evaluating and improving all processes related to control, risk management and corporate governance;
  • proposing ‘corrective’ actions to the Executive Committee, defined within audit reports and later monitored and controlled as to their actual implementation, in order to ensure that the systems implemented comply with the content of the audits;
  • evaluating the tools created by top management and sector supervisors, in order to identify, classify, measure and attest to the reliability and integrity of financial and management information;
  • evaluating the adequacy of the systems set in place by top management and branch supervisors, in order to ensure their compliance with policies, plans, procedures, laws and regulations that may have a significant impact on operational activities and reports, and furthermore deciding whether the organisation is acting in compliance with the abovementioned requirements. This is achieved among other things by monitoring the correct management of all types of risk to which the company is exposed, to each of which a specific task force has been assigned;
  • evaluating the adequacy of the tools established by top management and branch supervisors to ensure that the company’s assets are safeguarded, and to control the extent of such assets;
  • evaluating the adequacy of the tools created by top management and branch supervisors in order to guarantee a cost-efficient use of resources;
  • evaluating the adequacy of the tools devised by top management and branch supervisors to ensure that the results are in line with predefined objectives, and that the company’s activities and programs are implemented as planned;
  • evaluating the exhaustiveness, timeliness and accuracy of administrative, economic and financial reports;
  • evaluating the adequacy of all countermeasures designed to protect the company from disasters and guarantee its business continuity;
  • offering, upon request by top management and other Group directors and companies, consultancies concerning risk evaluation, control mechanisms and verifications of their operational effectiveness;
  • periodically preparing a report on the administration’s performance, addressed to the Internal Control Committee and the Hera S.p.A. Board of Directors;
  • evaluating, in close contact with the Monitoring Committee, the adequacy of the company’s activities and conduct  with respect to the content of legislative decree 231/2001, furthermore guaranteeing that each single audit is coordinated with the other types of audits drafted by top management.
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