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Board of statutory auditors

The Board of statutory auditors supervises the Group's correct administration, assessing the adequacy of the organisation, administration and accounting structure adopted by directors.

Its composition is governed by art. 26 of the By-laws which envisages that each shareholder that either alone or together with other shareholders possesses at least 3% of voting shares in the Ordinary shareholders' meeting may present a list of candidates for appointment.

Hera's Board of statutory auditors is composed of 5 members (3 standing and 2 alternates) who meet the requirements of integrity and professionalism established by legislation.

The new Board of statutory auditors, appointed during the AGM of 27 April 2017

New Board of statutory auditors
Myriam AmatoChairmanfIT
Marianna GirolominiStanding auditorfIT
Antonio GaianiStanding auditormIT
Valeria BortolottiAlternate auditorfIT
Stefano GnocchiAlternate auditormIT

The Board’s appointment will last for 3 fiscal years.

Page updated 27 April 2017

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