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Hera is a world of light and heat. You are at its centre

The 2011 campaign, Hera is a world of light and heat. You are at its centre

A clear message that contains an important challenge: explaining to the general public what Hera Group, Italy’s first multi-utility to have combined the management of four fundamental services, stands for. Because, in addition to managing water and environmental services, Hera is also responsible for the supply of gas and electricity, which in everyday life translate as light and heat, to quote the slogan.

The campaign is ideally the final part of a three-part narrative, which began with “Everybody needs Hera” and continued with “Doing good is what we do best”. A three-step process to open our hearts and tell tales of a true world, the world of Hera and of the customer at its centre. Indeed, this is the Group's philosophy: a 360 degree focus on those services on which our current and future environment depends, in the knowledge that the customer is the measure of all things. Hence the campaign keywords: “services”, “proximity”, “reliability” and “simplicity”, characteristic of a company for which a strong local presence is a commitment to be experienced on a day-to-day basis, while continuously developing new solutions to meet customer needs, to stay close to the customer and gain what is most important of all: the customer’s trust.

The campaign image incorporates all of this. The protagonist’s arm stretches forward, to reach out and embrace the world, then returns to its rightful owner, drawing a trajectory that is representative of his smile. Hera can be identified in the trajectory as a company that listens to and meets customer needs. A company whose customers are the most important thing of all.

Page updated 13 July 2016

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