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Area Development, integration and standardisation of new GIS for the IS Corporate
  • Emergency call-out systems and functionality (including systems used in the absence of wireless connectivity)

  • Functional integration of the European Space Agency's Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Programme with existing GIS

  • Functional Web GIS developments for the various business units

  • Mobile mapping in the absence of a GPRS signal

  • Release of GIS Connex for Web GIS systems

Area Managing existing GIS
  • (Re)classifying data logging criteria and methods

  • 3D mapping

  • Managing demand for mapping data

  • Reviewing data access policies and procedures

  • Ticketing (corrective, developmental)

Area Data quality and integrity
  • Connection mapping

  • Criteria and methods for instant updates and basic mapping integrity, technical layers, SRP and support information

  • Defining processes for integrated management of asset information (GIS + WFM)

  • Key contracts with technical specifications

  • Redefining upgrade support procedures

Page updated 15 July 2015

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