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The Heratech Engineering Department works in the capacity of contractor for "turnkey" projects for the construction of waste to energy (WTE) plants, electricity and heat distribution networks and production plants, water treatment networks and plants and gas distribution networks and plants, by implementing and managing thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, biochemical and electrodynamic simulation models, complex plant and network systems, and developing infrastructure development plans geared towards process and energy optimisation.


The Heratech Customer Services Department constructs and manages the last section of network which supplies customers, guarantees service continuity, safety and measurement and responds to customer requests in a timely fashion.


With more than one million analyses per year and the most important sector certifications, the Hera Group system represents one of the most up-to-date domestic facilities offering safety as well as quality and environmental control.

2017 Economic results - Comments of the President
Risultati economici 2017 - Il commento del Presidente del Gruppo Hera
Sustainability in Hera
Lo sviluppo sostenibile