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Key figures

Key environmental service numbers are listed below

no. municipalities served-173182181187194190190188
millions of inhabitants served2.72.72.82,72.83,2773,3113,3233,310
segregated waste as % of total waste42.044.847.850.551.652.65455.456.6
urban waste collected (000 ton)1,7631,7941,8641,8091,7712,0112,0372,0402,047.7
waste treated (000 ton)5,1585,1155,7035,1074,8566,2196,4266,2256,867
no. of waste-to-energy plants7777810101010
tonnes/year of waste treated by waste-to-energy plants622,000734,000801,000923,032954,9991,372,9001,393,9211,390.31,336.3
GWh/year of electr. power prod. by waste-to-energy plants414491532697713974980948848.4
no. of controlled landfills18131312131311117
no. of composting plants61010111111111111
number of selection plants14121211115769

(Source: 2016 FR)


Page updated 24 July 2017

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