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CESEF 2014: "Energy efficiency in Italy. Proposals to compete, finance, regulate"

Energy efficiency represents not only a pillar of domestic and international energy and environmental policies, but also a fundamental tool to jump start our country's industrial economy. This is with a view to achieving the economic savings needed to jump start household consumption and the international competitiveness of products and services; as well as due to the advanced technological skills of Italian industry, which form a national supply chain of energy efficiency, a driver to exit the economic crisis.

However, the sector has a good deal of unexpressed potential. From the perspective of demand, which is struggling to emerge; as well as supply, which is still too characterised by small, under-capitalised companies, and public policies which are perhaps not ambitious enough; and, in addition, financing which only partially supports the sector.

These and other topics were discussed, taking a highly proactive approach, at the Annual Workshop of CESEF: the Economics and Energy Efficiency Management Research Centre.

The event was broken down into three roundtables:

  1. Business strategies and models;
  2. Public sector development policies;
  3. How to finance sector development.

Some of the participants in the convention included Claudio De Vincenti from the Ministry of Economic Development; Francesco Sperandini from the Energy Services Operator (GSE) and Guido Bortoni from the Authority for Electricity, Gas and Water (AEEGSI).

For the HERA Group, Stefano Soldi participated in the roundtable on "Business strategies and models", coordinated by Massimiliano Bianco of Federutility..

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