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With over 20,600 km of gas supply network, Hera is Italy's fourth-largest operator – and the second-largest local utility company – in the methane gas distribution and sale sector.


As the fifth-largest domestic operator in terms of volumes distributed, the Hera Group operates in the liberalised market with 10TWh of electricity sold each year. Through cogeneration plants and the use of renewable or similar sources, energy is becoming ever more sustainable. 97% of all meters are now remotely-read "smart" models.


What is district heating? And what advantages does it offer? Find out more about Hera's integrated system and view the map of the region's plants.


For some years, Hera has been at the forefront in the promotion of sustainable mobility. The electric car represents a further opportunity to respect the environment, thanks partly to the methane fuel offered by the Group.


Hera's commitment to energy efficiency is recognised by ISO 50001 certification and includes investing in new technologies, reducing consumption and raising awareness about the use of energy. Discover the energy-saving solutions.


Specific energy efficiency solutions are offered by Hera Energy Services through a wide range of services, including energy audits, retrofit designs, plant construction and management, and individualised heat accounting for apartment blocks.

2018 Economic results - Comments of the President
2018 Economic results - Comments of the President
Sustainability in Hera
Sustainability in Hera Group
Electric Mobility